Botany Greenhouse

Botany Garden and Greenhouse SUMMER Hours:

From May 28th through August 30 the Botany Greenhouse is open to the public M-F 8am to 2pm.

The Botany Greenhouse is located in Birge Hall at 430 Lincoln Dr., Madison, WI  53706.

Please enter the greenhouse through the front doors of Birge Hall and follow the signs to the B2 level of Birge.

Botany Garden hours: sunrise to sundown. The Botany Garden is located at 1090 University Avenue.

The Botany Greenhouse has served as a laboratory of learning and oasis of tranquility for generations of University of Wisconsin-Madison students.

The eight rooms, divided into 11 distinct climate zones, encompassing 8,000 square feet, located north of University Avenue and bounded by Chamberlain, Lathrop and Birge Halls, features more than 1,000 species comprising distinct aquatic, desert and tropical communities.

The Department of Botany and other university departments make extensive use of the greenhouse. This is a working facility, permitting UW faculty and students to undertake a variety of research projects in plant geography, physiology, anatomy, ecology, taxonomy and other related areas.

In addition to meeting essential teaching and research interests, the greenhouse is an aesthetic resource for students and the community. Botany Greenhouse staff assist numerous visitors seeking advice on plants for their homes and gardens; during winter months, the facility is used as a setting for many students in art, literature, and philosophy; the greenhouse serves touring school children, in whom the seeds of environmental stewardship are first planted. Within an increasingly urbanized environment, the Botany Greenhouse has become refuge of greenery and serenity.

Comments, Questions, Desire to Support:

Contact Dr. Ingrid Jordon-Thaden, Director of the Botany Garden & Greenhouse at jordonthaden < @ >


All staff and students in the Department of Botany are expected to abide by Botany Garden and Greenhouse Operations Policy. The Rules and General Guidelines are available at the Director’s office (144 Birge Hall). All completed forms should be returned to the Director.

Questions regarding the operation of the Botany Greenhouse may be directed to:

Dr. Ingrid Jordon-Thaden
Director of Botany Garden and Greenhouse
UW Madison Department of Botany
144 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1382, U.S.A.
jordonthaden @