Botany Greenhouse Renewal Project

The Botany Greenhouse has the potential to simulate distinct climates in each of its eleven rooms, supporting a diverse collection of plants. But due to rising temperatures and humidity outdoors, our indoor climate control systems struggle in the summer heat, resulting in just three different climates among the eleven rooms. This creates stressful conditions for many of the plants and limits our ability to house species that are less tolerant of high temperatures and humidity.

We plan to upgrade the greenhouse climate control systems. Also, because a greenhouse is almost like a living, breathing entity that is exposes to moisture, soil, and plants, we plan to replace and upgrade growing benches, lighting, and irrigation equipment, beyond our regular maintenance budget. These upgrades will improve our ability to sustain a diverse collection of plants in support of the research, teaching, and outreach goals of the Botany Department.

You can help us do it! 

The Botany Greenhouse contains 210 of the 416 known vascular plant families and more than 1,500 species out of roughly 400,000 globally. This excellent collection of plants from around the world is a unique resource in the region.

With your help, we can maintain and improve the diversity of the Botany Department’s taxonomic plant collection and strengthen its value as an educational and research asset.